On the occasion of the 135th International Labor Day or May day, a rally echoed through the streets of Kathmandu today.

Led by the Nepal Trade Union Congress, Nepal Trade Union Federation, All Nepal Trade Union Federation, and affiliates close to RPR, the rally commenced at the old bus park and culminated in a gathering at Bhrikutimandap.

The significance of May 1st traces back to the historic labor movement in the United States, where workers in Chicago advocated for an eight-hour workday, leading to the global observance of International Labor Day since 1889.

In Nepal, this day gained prominence with the labor movement in Biratnagar in 2007 B.S., and following the political transformation of 2046 B.S., it became a public holiday to honor the contributions of workers/labors nationwide.

Today, the International Labor Day is being celebrated with the slogan ‘History, Achievements and Road Ahead’.