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At Aawaaj News, we respect your privacy concerns and take maximum care to ensure it has not been violated. Below points illustrate privacy, copyright, and Right to Information policies of Aawaaj News.

  • Personal Information: We collect no personal information or retain any ‘personal information’ in any of our databases. Personal Information refers to information pertaining to be of personal nature, which may include, however not limited to name, age, birth date, address, phone number, or email addresses.


  • Cookies: Our website may use cookies (data collection devices). Cookies are reliable mechanisms to remember user activities and preferences which are aimed at improving your experience on the platform. Cookies are not personal information, rather behavioural patterns, and it is your discretion to allow their usage, or not.


  • Content: Our content is sourced from a wide range of channels. While news stories are usually fed by independent journalists, we are also a member of Nepal’s National News Agency, which allows us use of various news agencies around the world. We, at times also with permission of the author use images/content from social media. Due credit is given when necessary.


  • Conflict of Interest: We are in the business of covering stories and delivering news. At times, the content may be sensitive and reader discretion is advised. While it is not in Aawaaj News interests to malign an individual/institution/organisation, at times a conflict of interest may arise. At such a situation – the principle of journalism shall be upheld and the content will be delivered without personal prejudices.


  • Opinion: Aawaaj News takes maximum steps to ensure their news is free of political bias. However, at times, Editorials/Op-eds, by their nature may contain strong opinions/criticisms/suggestions. The views expressed in such articles are of the author and do not reflect Aawaaj’s belief.


  • Change in Policy: Aawaaj News retains the right to update, modify, and amend the clauses mentioned in our policies without prior information.

Contact Us: If you have any questions regarding Aawaaj News content, privacy policy, or copyright issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to

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