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Founded in 2017, Aawaaj News (registered as Nepali Aawaaj Media Private Limited) has been consistently delivering reliable, relevant and responsible media content on its platforms. Its consistency in delivering the above has enabled Aawaaj News to be a trusted name with thousands of Aawaaj News daily readers/viewers – especially the youth.

It is founded on two principles:

Inclusive Societies: The inspiration behind Aawaaj News is due to the lack of equitable representation of minorities in the media, and is an attempt to mainstream gender equality and social inclusion in the public sphere. Therefore, Aawaaj News, as an editorial policy almost exclusively focuses on socio-political issues, and advocates for better inclusion of marginalised communities and the issues that surround them.

Responsible Journalism: Aawaaj News focuses on truth and fairness in its reporting. In our news updates, we try to be as objective as possible. In our opinions, we try to accommodate varying views. However, please note, because we believe in and advocate for inclusive communities, our editorial choices and opinions sometimes may seem politically inclined. We may not agree with the political views of the majority – during such situations, our inclusive societies principle takes precedence.

And so was formed Aawaaj News, in November, 2017. There has been no looking back since.


Produce and disseminate responsible media content which informs and empowers societies.


An inclusive society with a focus on sustainable development of Nepal

Note: Here, sustainable development does not only imply the environment. It implies a strong foundational approach to development; a focus on sustainable long term solutions rather than populist short term solutions.

Organisational Values:

Aawaaj News pursues its vision in strict adherence to the following values:

  • Information: Create responsible and relevant media content for our readers.
  • Objectivity: Unbiased, fair, and accurate news.
  • Multiculturalism: Highlight and celebrate the contribution of multiculturalism to Nepal.
  • Integration: To enable a seamless integration of all societies in Nepal
  • Conscience: With the power of information, attempt to better the humanitarian conscience of our audience.