People gathered at Maitighar mandala waving the national flag of Nepal while wearing traditional dress to observe 5th National Flag Day in Kathmandu, on Friday, December 16, 2022.

The gathered crowd marched towards Basantapur where a small formal program was organized by the National Heritage Preservation Society to mark the 5th National Flag Day.

The national flag of Nepal is the world’s only non-rectangular flag which simplified combination of two triangular designs, representing mountains.

The crimson-red color symbolizes bravery while the blue border is the color of peace.

The current flag was adopted on 16 December 1962, along with the formation of a new constitutional government which was standardized by Shankar Nath Rimal, a civil engineer, at the request of King Mahendra.

The first National Flag Day was observed on December 16, 2018 (Poush 1, 2075) to symbolize national unity.