Melamchi water distribution project, which was closed during rainy season, has been resumed today.

The distribution of water resumed in the presence of Minister of Water Supply Umakant Chaudhary from Mahankal-based Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL) on Friday morning.

The Melamchi Drinking Water Project (MDWP) will distribute 100 million liters of water to the major cities of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur districts.

Kamal Raj Shrestha, Executive Director of MDWP, claimed that the drinking water will be distributed for 6 consecutive months from today without any halt.

“Water has to be distributed to the reserve tanks in 10 different places in the valley through a 77KM pipeline network,” Shrestha said. “The water will be supplied to some places soon while technical problems may cause delays in others.”

Melamchi river water was released 11 days ago into the tunnel which was closed last May in Ambathan estuary at Sindhupalchok to prevent possible flood damage.

Headworks of Melamchi damaged by the June 2021 flood has been temporarily fixed to bring water, however, plans to build headworks as a permanent structure are yet to be made.