An interaction program on National Security was held on Tuesday at the Nepal Police Headquarters, attended by senior police officers including Nepali army commanders, Additional Inspector General of Police, Deputy Inspector General of Police.

Addressing the program, National Security Adviser Bairagi expressed the opinion that the suggestions from the interaction will help to strengthen the entire security system, create a security strategy and take necessary decisions on internal and external security issues from the point of view of national security.

He said that in the current situation where the trend of crime is changing in different ways, there is a need to prepare the security agencies accordingly to deal with such crimes.

Mentioning the need to increase the capacity of the police as well as making the organization more technologically advanced, he expressed his belief that national security can be made more effective by establishing integrated information among all concerned agencies and coordinating the necessary matters related to security.

In the program, Home Secretary Dinesh Bhattarai expressed his views on the topics raised in the interaction and praised the role played by the Nepal Police in crime investigation and maintaining peace and security despite limited resources and manpower.

Home Secretary Bhattarai mentioned that the Ministry of Home Affairs is working towards making the police organization more efficient, resourceful, strong and technologically advanced in the coming days.


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