The family of Aarti Sah, a 22-year-old two-month pregnant woman from Janakpur, has been on a sit-in at Maitighar in Kathmandu for the past two months, demanding justice for her murder.

Motibabu Sah and Aarti were married around two years ago. It was an arranged marriage and Binod Sah, Aarti’s father, alleges his son-in-law and the in-law family killed Aarti for not bringing enough dowry.

She was discovered dead in her home on May 21. Scars were found all over her body, according to her relatives, indicating that she was murdered. Family said Aarti was rescued and rushed to the hospital immediately and was pronounced dead at Kavya Hospital.

The family states that the sit-in was organized after none of the political parties showed any promise of providing justice.