The mandate for the newly established Parliamentary Inquiry Committee, tasked with investigating the misappropriation of cooperative funds, has been finalized. The decision was reached by a task force assigned to define the committee’s jurisdiction, culminating in four primary points of focus.

The first point in the committee’s mandate addresses the crisis within cooperative organizations. It emphasizes studying and recommending improvements for the regulation, supervision, and transparency of the financial system, alongside examining related legal and institutional purposes.

The second point highlights measures to protect the savings of cooperative members facing financial difficulties. The committee will study and propose ways to ensure the swift and secure return of at-risk and misused savings.

The third point focuses on analyzing the efforts of the Nepal Government Cooperative Department and the Problematic Cooperative Management Committee. The committee will assess the progress in protecting and returning savers’ funds from troubled cooperatives, specifically those listed in schedule-1, and provide recommendations for immediate action.

The fourth point involves investigating specific allegations of embezzlement and improper transactions within cooperatives. The committee will look into complaints raised publicly and at various levels, including those listed in schedule-2. It will examine the status of funds transferred to Gorkha Media Network Pvt Ltd and other entities, assessing any illegal or improper actions. The inquiry will determine the amount of money at risk, recommend recovery measures, and identify individuals involved for potential legal action.

The Parliamentary Inquiry Committee will consist of seven members with a term of three months. The task force responsible for defining the committee’s jurisdiction was led by Law Minister Padam Giri and included Congress Joint General Minister Jeevan Pariyar, UML Chief Whip Mahesh Bartola, and RSP MP Shishir Khanal.

The final form of the mandate was agreed upon during a working group meeting held on Tuesday, following inter-party discussions on Monday evening.