Tootle, Nepal’s pioneering ride-sharing platform has announced its return with a dynamic new management team and a host of exciting improvements which promises to revitalise ride-sharing experience in Kathmandu Valley.

Established in the year 2017, Tootle is Nepal’s first ride-sharing platform that sought to revolutionise the way people moved around the busy streets of Kathmandu. Offering a convenient and efficient alternative to traditional taxis and public transport, Tootle quickly gathered a loyal user base. However, like any other pioneering startup, it faced its fair share of challenges and difficulties.

Come 2023, the brand under a new leadership says is “committed to delivering an unparalleled ride-sharing experience that seamlessly blends convenience, efficiency, and affordability. With an eye toward revolutionizing how individuals traverse the bustling streets of Kathmandu, the reimagined Tootle is poised to exceed expectations and rewrite the rules of modern transportation.”

The Tootle Driver App has been available to download and register from September 1, 2023. The Tootle customer app will be available to download from September 6, 2023 to start taking Tootle rides.

The new app features a sleek and intuitive app, an enhanced partner network which guarantees quicker response times and increased ride availability, and increased safety measures. Tootle has partnered with Shikhar Insurance to provide its drivers and customers with robust insurance and safety coverage.

“We are thrilled to reintroduce Tootle with a renewed passion for transforming urban commuting,” said Shreyas Krishna Shrestha, Co-founder & CEO of ZAPP. “Our new management team has meticulously crafted an enhanced experience, putting user satisfaction and convenience at the forefront. Tootle’s resurgence represents our dedication to offering a superior ride-sharing service that truly understands and anticipates the needs of our valued users.”