In a unanimous decision, the Legislation Management Committee of the National Assembly has given its endorsement to the bill concerning the management of order of precedence.

Preparations are underway for the presentation of this non-government bill on order of precedence. Committee President Jayanti Rai informed that on Monday’s session, the bill, incorporating valuable input from both committee members and experts, received unanimous approval.

The bill has made substantial legal strides in addressing issues surrounding the order of precedence within the country.

The bill sets out a protocol for VVIPs and VIPs, with the President at the pinnacle, followed by the Vice President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Chairperson of the National Assembly, all addressed as ‘Right Honorable’.

Additionally, federal ministers, parliamentarians, provincial chief ministers, and others will be addressed as ‘Honourable’. The bill also suggests using ‘Excellency’ for foreign heads of state, ambassadors, and international officials.