Dr Govinda KC, who was on fast-unto-death strike demanding the government provide equal health facilities across the nation, has ended his hunger strike.

Govinda KC, on Saturday, struck a 10-point agreement with the government after 13 days of fast-unto-death strike.

Secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Minister Dr Ganesh Prasad Pandey and Dr KC signed the agreement.

As per the agreed terms, the position of doctor across government hospitals will be managed as per the number of hospital beds. Geta Medical College will be established in the district of Kailali, and a draft bill for the amendment to the legal provisions would be tabled in the upcoming House session to end the clash of interests.

Likewise, appointments of office-bearers in academies and universities would be made transparent by setting certain standards, and the Medical Education Commission will be asked to submit a report seeking concrete recommendations to gradually convert medical teaching institutions into non-profit and service-oriented institutions.