The Supreme Court has approved the implementation of the new curriculum for Grade XI, putting an end to the months-long confusion.

A joint bench of Justices Tej Bahadur KC and Prakash Kumar Dhungana on Tuesday quashed a writ petition filed by Bhagwata Aryal demanding that the government be ordered to not implement the new curriculum.

Aryal had opposed to the Curriculum Development Centre’s (CDC) decision to make mathematics an optional subject in Grades XI and XII in the new curriculum.

Earlier in response to Aryal’s petition on October 26, the Supreme Court had issued an interim order halting the implementation of the new curriculum until a final verdict in the case.

Since then, confusion regarding implementation of the new curriculum in the middle of the academic session had put students under the risk of missing the entire academic year.

Students, teachers and Education Ministry officials had been urging the court to take a decision sooner. Most private educational institutions across the country have been teaching the new curriculum decided by CDC.

The apex court, meanwhile, has authorised the government to decide whether or not to incorporate math as a compulsory subject in the new curriculum.