By Birat Krishna Thapa

A middle-aged paralytic woman was found abandoned at Tinkune in Kathmandu on Tuesday. Passersby noticed the woman abandoned in a semi-conscious state and alerted Nepal Police as well as the Manav Sewa Ashram, a local humanitarian organization, about the same.

A local woman had provided the abandoned lady with a pillow and blanket before calling for help. Volunteers from the Ashram informed that the abandoned woman had been without food and water for an estimated 56 hours.

The woman, whose identity had yet to be ascertained, was unable to communicate due to her paralysis.

She was rushed to Bir Hospital, but declared dead on arrival. Hom Nath Timilsena, a volunteer from the Ashram said, “As per our estimation, the woman had been abandoned for more than two nights. She looked pale as though she had not received any sunlight for many years.”

“We suspect that her family members had left her to die in the open, but we will know exactly what happened only after police conclude their investigation into the case,” he said.

As there are no CCTV cameras installed around the area, there is little evidence of what might have happened.

Investigation into the case is underway.