A huge fire has broken out in Gamgadhi market of Mugu district. The fire broke out in the old Gamgadhi Bazaar of Rarachhayanath Municipality-1 at midnight on Monday.

According to Mugu Chief District Officer Rom Bahadur Mahat, the fire started at around 12:30 pm. “Although the locals have come up with several explanations, we have yet to ascertain the exact reason for the fire,” said Chief District Officer Mahat.

“As many as 20 houses, including three shops, have been completely destroyed by the fire. We have demolished a house to prevent the fire from spreading,” he added.

Chief District Officer Mahat said there was no human casualty as of yet, adding that they were facing problems in dousing the inferno due to lack of adequate resources.

Efforts are being made to put out the fire with the help of Nepal Army, Armed Police Force, Nepal Police and locals, he said.

Narrow alleyways have prevented fire trucks from reaching the area whereas there is no water source nearby. Attempts are being made to douse the blaze using household water and soil.