Sick and tired of government’s inaction and lack of plan to ease daily life amid the COVID-19 pandemic, captain of national football team Kiran Chemjong has tried to draw the government’s as well as National Sports Council’s attention towards the plights of sportspersons.

Posting an open letter to the government and sports council on his social media profile, Chemjong urged the authorities to resume sports activities in compliance with health safety protocol.

आदरणीय राष्ट्रिय खेलकुद परिस तथा समानिय सरकार जिउलाई मेरो सानो खुला पत्र लेखन चाहन्छु …

Posted by Kiran GK Chemjong on Tuesday, 13 October 2020

“If sportspersons are always left to languish in Kathmandu’s dust while you authorities travel in sleek, shiny vehicles, what is the point of making you authorities?” he wonders in his letter.

Stating that though sportspersons always worked hard to highlight the nation’s pride in international arena, the national captain said the Ministry of Sports, sports council, and Nepal Government’s blatant ignorance to their months-long suffering had put the hopes of aspiring sportspersons on peril.

Chemjong also pointed out the lack of advocacy for Nepali sports as well as sportspersons, and urged the government to follow suit of several foreign nations and allow resumption of sports activities in compliance with health safety protocols.

The open letter from the captain of a national sports team comes at a time when the government is busy in powerplay while it has no time to ease the lives of its citizens or national economy that are reeling under the global pandemic.

The government has failed in innumerable fronts in handling the spread of COVID-19 as daily cases are rising at an alarming rate, there are no plans to provide job opportunities for those who lost theirs due to the pandemic, the economy is tanking, and hospitals are running out of beds and ventilators, among other crises.

National sports and players have also fallen victim to the government’ ignorance as they have been barred from practicing and participating without any alternative or relief measures.