Almost 50 percent of the infections diagnosed so far in Chitwan have been transmitted through the hospitals, a recent study revealed.

According to the study undertaken by the District COVID Crisis Management Centre, coronavirus infection has been transmitted through the hospitals in Chitwan so far.

Among the total infected are 254 doctors and health workers, informed Deepak Tiwari, Chief of Chitwan Health Office and member of the centre. The number accounts for 20 percent of the total infected cases diagnosed as of today.

Tiwari further shared that at least one family member of infected doctors and health workers have been found to have contracted the infection. With this, the count of the infection stands at 40 percent. Besides, additional 101 coronavirus infected have shared that they got transmitted while visiting hospitals for treatment or attending patients at hospitals.

“It was found that hospitals share 50 percent of the infection cases in the district,” Tiwari added.

The study has also revealed that infection has been diagnosed among other 111 people who have been involved in industry, trade, hotel, fruits and vegetables grocery and other entrepreneurs.

Likewise, the case has been increasingly found among the workers of factories, hotels, enterprises or business outlets. It has also increased among the people living in rented houses having a single toilet.

“The infection has been detected among those involved in transporting grocery goods, grocery owners, vehicle drivers, workers coming from outside without coronavirus tests and frontline service providers at banks, financial institutions and electricity authority offices among others”, the study further states.

Tiwari further informed that series of discussions have already been held with district-based hospitals to develop a plan of actions to prevent the transmission of coronavirus after the hospitals were found to be the high risk zone for the virus transmission.

Number of infected has so far surged to 1,307 in the district and 17 persons have lost their lives to the corona infection.