Kathmandu, August 29

Pashupatinath Area Development Trust (PADT) has said devotees and other visitors will be prohibited to click photos and shoot TikTok videos in Pashupatinath area.

Devotees who visit Pashupatinath on Teej festival will be fined Rs. 2,100 for taking the picture of the holy shrine of the temple, Rs. 1,100 for taking the picture of the main temple, and Rs. 500 for taking pictures in the main temple premises.
The Trust has said that the devotees will be fined for taking photographs of the main temple of Pashupatinath and its premises during Teej festival, and at other times.

Taking photographs inside the Pashupatinath Temple was restricted earlier, however, many devotees could be seen taking photographs in restricted areas.

Rewati Raman Adhikari, a spokesperson for the PADT, said that more than 20 devotees were caught taking photographs in the prohibited area in the month of Shrawan alone. “Devotees have paid fines when they did not follow the rules. No one is allowed to enter the temple from the main gate carrying a professional or digital camera but mobile phones are still allowed,” he said.

The Trust is making preparations to discourage people from taking pictures and creating reels after a spike in uploading such photos and videos on social media in recent months.

“If the trend of taking pictures of the main temple and its premises does not stop in the coming days, PADT will prohibit people from taking electronic devices inside temple premises in the future,” Adhikari added.

Recently, organisations entrusted with the care and upkeep of religious areas have been banning TikTok in and around holy sites. Earlier, Lumbini Development Trust had banned TikTok in and around the main temple areas. Similarly, the Boudhanath Area Development Committee had banned shooting TikTok videos in Bouddha in 2021.