Kathmandu, August 11

The Federation of Nepal Petroleum Transport Entrepreneurs, who have been demanding an increase in transport fares, have announced fresh strikes and protests.

Khageshwar Bohora, President of the Federation has said operators are being forced to protest again after NOC did not comply with the agreement. “If the transportation fare is not increased by August 17, we will not take permissions for transportation and hold other protest programs,” a statement from the federation reads.

The federation claims that although the Corporation sent a written letter on July 31 assuring an increase in fare, it was not complied with. The federation said that it is not possible to operate trucks and tankers with the current transportation fare.

The state-owned oil corporation conducted a study through an expert group regarding the fare increase and suggested an increase of 3 to 16 per cent depending on the route. However, the decision to raise the fare has not been followed through.