Kathmandu, September 2

Even after the revised prices on diesel and kerosene, the Nepal Oil Corporation has claimed it is still facing a loss of Rs 610 million per month.

NOC implemented the new price of diesel and kerosene, up by Rs 6 per litre since last night. The new price of diesel and kerosene is now Rs 178 per litre.

The prices of petrol, cooking LP gas and aviation fuel were kept unchanged. NOC argues that it has not increased the price because there is a profit of Rs 2.82 per litre in petrol.

Due to the increase in the price of petroleum products by the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), the meeting of the board of directors in NOC also decided to increase the price with effect from midnight yesterday.

Meanwhile, the government has been criticised for increasing the prices of diesel and kerosene with the festive season closing in. After the increase in the price of diesel, the transporters and transporters have also increased their fares. This will also affect the price of the overall goods.