The New York State Assemblywoman Jennifer Rajkumar recognized Mount Everest Day and brought forth a resolution to officially mark May 29 as Mount Everest Day throughout NY State.

She announced this at an event was held in the Rigzin Chhokorling Hall of the Sherpa Kyidug, NY in coordination with the United Sherpa Association Inc (USA) and the US Nepal Climbers Association Inc (USNCA).

Butter lamps were lit in honor of those who have passed away climbing Mount Everest, and those who have suffered due to COVID-19. Assemblywoman Rajkumar also invited the association to celebrate the day in the Albany assembly next year.

She personally honored USNCA president Passang Nima Sherpa with a citation for his work and achievements.

USNCA president, Passang Nima Sherpa, gave thanks to Assemblywoman Rajkumar and the NY State Assembly for recognizing this day. He expressed his gratitude to those who supported this climbers community and this resolution.

USA president, Tshering Sherpa, explained May 29 is internationally recognized as Mt Everest Day and how it cannot be replaced with any other day.

Other guests invited to the program spoke in support of the resolution and praised the bravery of the mountain climbers who attempt and succeed in impossible feats.

On May 29 in 1953, Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary first stepped on Mount Everest. The importance of this day cannot be understated as Mount Everest is very important to Nepalis everywhere, it is one of the key-defining landmarks of Nepal, speakers said.

“This day honors Everest mountain climbers around the world, it celebrates the feats they can and have achieved since 1953.” The US Nepal Climbers Association has been celebrating this day for 8 years.

The Association is a non-profit organization that promotes the growth and protection of mountaineering and climbing worldwide, advances safe and ethical mountain practices, and promotes responsible access, culture, and environmental protection.

The Association has been funding education for children of climbers who have passed away and supports different climbing societies by providing climbing-related equipment for those who need it.