The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has completed its preparation for the National Census 2021 which is being conducted from November 11 till 25, aiming to reach every citizen’s doorstep.

As many as 40,000 enumerators and 8,016 superintendents have been trained and assigned their area for the census.

The census includes eighty questionnaires with 25 related to listing of houses and households, 55 main questions. This year, the census also plans to use ‘community questionnaires’ for the first time in National Census history.

The main questionnaires of the National Census are related to the economic activities, profession, details as per the production of goods and services, status of drinking water, fuel, communications media in the family, property in the name of women, domestic enterprises, estimation of maternal death and individuals in abroad employment, etc.

CBS Director General Nebin Lal Shrestha said they have made preparations to collect data so as to augment the constitutional provision of guaranteeing the rights of all sections of society including the ethnic groups, castes, languages, gender, religion, classes, region and people with disabilities etc.

The CBS has three options for gender in the questionnaires – ‘male’, ‘female’ and ‘others’. All those who don’t identify as male or female would need to choose ‘others’.

However, people of sexual and gender minorities are not happy with the decision.

Trans Rights Collective (TRC), a group of trans men and trans women, had filed a petition in Supreme Court for the inclusion of transgender people but no decision has been made yet.

“In the past five months we only received hearing dates for interim order discussion, and while the census starts in a few days, all we received is another hearing date, which is after the conclusion of the census,” the press release from TRC reads.

“The census has denied us of our gender identity, by defining transgender people as ‘other gender’ and forcefully categorizing/defining us as neither man nor woman,” it said.

The Supreme Court has brought most of the cases to halt, demanding Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher JB Rana’s resignation following controversies surrounding him.

The Supreme Court justices who have been protesting against CJ Rana for violating the code of conduct, are conducting hearings of only habeas corpus writ petitions.

The preliminary results of the National Census 2021 would be available in three months since its conclusion.