In view of the new COVID-19 variant ‘Omicron’, Mustang officials have imposed new travel requirement to enter the district.

Chief District Officer Netra Prasad Sharma informed that visitors are now required to either procure PCR negative report within seven days of travel, or vaccination card of receiving both doses, or antigen negative test report within 72 hours of travel.

The influx of domestic as well as foreign tourists has increased in the Himalayan district after COVID-induced travel restrictions were eased months ago. Sharma added that though the new variant had not been detected in Nepal as of yet, the local authorities did not want take any risk and hence the new requirement.

A meeting of the District COVID -19 Management Committee decided that this requirement will not be applicable for the permanent residents of Mustang and fully vaccinated local staff, teachers and security personnel.

“We have tightened the rules for those who come to visit Mustang. This rule is applicable from midnight December 1 to midnight December 15. Besides this, strict orders have also been issued against various activities inside the district,” said Sharma.

Mustang is an attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists alike.

The Mustang District COVID-19 Management Committee has also ordered locals not to hold crowded programs such as fairs, processions, festivals, banquets and bazaars in public places. Similarly, an order has been issued not to allow more than 25 people to gather if they have to perform religious programs such as marriage, fasting and death rites.