The Gautam Buddha International Airport situated in Bhairahawa, Lumbini has shown their advancement towards becoming the second international airport of Nepal as the airport is all set to conduct the calibration flight.

The Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd (AEROTHAI) has been granted permission to perform a mechanical test flight (calibration flight) by bringing a test aircraft.

CAAN Director-General Raj Kumar Chhetri said all the preparations have been made to conduct the calibration flight with the AEROTHAI getting permission for the same.

He said AEROTHAI will carry out the necessary process including bringing the airplane and the required technicians for conducting the calibration flight on November 22.

According to him, CAAN will carry out internal preparations to facilitate the test flight which is said to be conducted within November.

“Since the ground and other infrastructure have to be inspected before the test flight, the technical team has to come before the test flight aircraft,” he said.

The completion of the airport structure has been delayed for almost a year and a half since foreign technicians and equipment were unable to arrive in the country owing to COVID-19 infection.