The Kayat community of Baglung has announced that it is not going to participate in the National Population Census 2021. This community is not yet recognized by the government as a separate indigenous nationality.

The community has decided not to be included in the population census saying that the state has neglected it without giving them recognition as indigenous nationality.

They complained that they had been deprived of all the services and facilities that the state has been providing to indigenous nationalities.

Neem Bahadur Kayat, president of Kayat Ekata Samaj, said they had decided not to participate in the national census as the Kayat community, one of the communities among the Nauthar community, has not been given its identity and the State has not addressed their demands so far.

It should be noted that the government has been providing reservation quota, free education, concession in higher studies and employment to the indigenous nationalities, Dalits and others on the basis of their identity.

The Kayat community is mainly resides in Bobang of Dhorpatan Municipality in Baglung district. It has announced it is boycotting the national census to protest against what it called the government’s negligence with regard to giving the community its identity.

“The state has neglected us.

Although we have raised the issue of our identity with the municipality and the District Administration Office from time to time, our voices have not been heard. So, the Kayat community has decided not to be included in the national census as the state has been neglecting us,” Kayat said.

According to him, they are facing problem in the field of education and employment as the Kayat community has not been officially recognized as one of the indigenous nationalities.

“The state has recognized more than 100 communities as indigenous nationalities but not us owing to our small population size,” he said.

The National Population Census 2021 has been under way throughout the country since November 11.