The government has decided to implement letter grading system from Grade I this academic session onwards.

Minister for Education, Science and Technology Devendra Poudel has approved the letter grading guideline prepared by his ministry.

Spokesperson and Joint Secretary of the Ministry Deepak Sharma informed that students from grades I to XII will now be evaluated through the same system i.e. the letter grading method. Earlier, only students in grade X, XI and XII were evaluated through the letter grading system while in other classes graded students with marks (numbers).

According to the new guidelines, students will be promoted only if they achieve a minimum of 35 percent (1.6 GPA) or D grade. If the score is less than 1.6 GPA, the student will automatically be failed.

The new evaluation system grades looks like this: students with 90 percentage or above will get 4.0 GPA equal to A+ grade. They will be categorized as Outstanding; those with more than 80 and below 90 percentage will get 3.6 GPA equal to A grade and categorized as
Excellent; more than 70 and below 80 percent will get 3.2 GPA equal to B+ grade and will be categorized as Very Good; more than 60 and below 70 will get 2.8 GPA equal to B grade and categorized as Good; above 50 and below 60 percentage will get 2.4 GPA equal to C+ and categorized as Satisfactory; more than 40 and below 50 percentage will get 2.0 GPA equal to C grade and categorized as Acceptable; more 35 and below 40 percent will get 1.6 GPA equal to D grade and categorized as Basic, and those with less than 35 percent will have no GPA and will be categorized as Not Graded.

The student should have obtain at least over 35 percent (D grade) in written and practical examination separately to be promoted to upper class.

Students who do not get the required grade in two subjects will be allowed to sit for the make-up examination for three years. If one fails to get the required grade in the consecutive make-up exams, they will be marked as failed.

Similarly, the new guideline has also extended school hours. Now, each subject class will last for 60 minutes instead of the erstwhile 45.