Chakraviu Nepal is a non-profit with volunteers, donor and members working to provide access to carefree quality education with strong linkage to sustainability practices. Chakraviu Nepal aims to be a support system for underprivileged children around Nepal – cultivating their mindset and providing them a plethora of opportunities to learn new ways of learning.

The gap between the quality of education received by students in private schools and in public schools is ever widening. Chakraviu Nepal is addressing problems in the education system at a grassroots level. Chakraviu is working tirelessly to transform education into a sector that cultivates passion of students, provides them opportunity to learn from their mistakes, connects them with diverse network of professionals and makes education enjoyable as well as empowering.

Chakraviu has worked with educational institutions such as Shree Bishankhu Narayan Secondary School, V.S.Niketan Higher Secondary School, Deerwalk Institute of Technology, Deerwalk Sifal School. In government schools, their focus has been solving unique challenges faced by the school and then introducing their comprehensive educative programs that will increase the quality of education and empower students. In private education institution, Chakraviu’s focus has been providing sustainability awareness programs, forming eco-clubs, cultivating eco-friendly mindsets among the young generation.

In Shree Bishankhu Narayan School, Chakraviu has successfully conducted stationery donation program, school tracksuit distribution program, conducted sustainability awareness programs, and are in the process of conducting a program that addresses issues of high rate of student dropout and instability in these formative educative years. In private education institutions, we have conducted sustainability awareness, Trash to Treasure Campaign, holistic mindset session, and formed eco-clubs.

Chakraviu Nepal’s main objective in regards to sustainability is to cultivate eco-friendly mindset among everyone especially our coming generation. Sustainability is an imperative in every activity the organisation does, and it is crucial to have a sustainability mindset from a young age in order to save the environment.

The organisation has conducted environment friendly programs such as Trash to Treasure campaign, anti-littering awareness, mass awareness regarding conscious use and disposal of plastic, and has taught people about waste segregation at source through fun activities.

Most recently, the organisation conducted waste segregation at source themed relay race at Hope Rising Children Home. The organisation is also launching a sustainability education in school with the aim of mass awareness and behavioral changes by forming eco clubs and teaching through practical activities.

Chakraviu has partnered up with Doko Recyclers who is the organisation’s official recycling partner and Avni Center for Sustainability who is the organisation’s sustainability partner.

Engaging with kids at child homes/orphanages and helping them build a better life supported by quality education is a cause close to the organisation’s heart. The organisation has been working very closely with kids at Hope Rising Children Home. The organisation has conducted a series of programs at the children’s home over the past year starting with solving specific challenges through food ration donation, warm winter cloth drive, shoe drive, school sweater, socks and woolen caps donation. Then extended the program to conduct sound healing session, annual stationery drive, mental health and awareness, career counselling, futsal and badminton competition.

Chakraviu believes that no child should be deprived of education and the opportunity to lead a life of passion, peace, and happiness. With this in the organisation’s mind, Chakraviu is launching Project Maaya at children’s homes, through which the organisation plans to implement comprehensive programs in orphanages that starts with solving the unique, specific challenges being faced by the orphanage and introducing activities, games, events that boosts confidence