Kathmandu, September 8

Comedian Apoorwa Kshitiz Singh has been released on bail after it has been found that he contracted COVID-19.

Following 10 days in custody, stand-up comedian Apoorwa Kshitiz Singh was expected to be released from police custody after coming to terms with representatives from the Newa: Community. However, police instead sought permission from the court for his detention to be extended by five days.

Meanwhile, Apoorwa who was admitted to Bir Hospital on Tuesday, tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday.

Apoorwa came into controversy after making jokes about Newa: culture, and hurting the community’s sentiments in a video uploaded on YouTube. The video was deleted shortly following backlash, and Apoorwa also issued a public apology.
However, the hate comments continued, and according to Apoorwa he also received several death threats – subjecting Apoorwa to extreme mental anguish.

According to Ganga Paudel, head of the Kathmandu District Public Prosecutor’s Office, Apoorwa was granted bail after it was confirmed that he had contracted COVID-19.