As Nepal government is too busy to see the pains of its impoverished citizens, 100s Group, a voluntary social service group of youngsters, has been providing one meal every day for free to daily wage workers stranded in Kathmandu.

The Group started providing free meals a week after the government suddenly imposed a national lockdown on March 24, forcing thousands of migrant labour workers to either travel 100s of KMs on foot to their home towns or stay jobless and foodless in the capital.

For the past six months, 100s Group has been providing free hot meals to 500-650 needy people every day at various road sections of Kathmandu. The Group took the project to Khulla Manch, Kathmandu a few days ago to make it more organized.

Now, needy people gather in Khulla Manch at around 4:00 pm every day for the free hot meal.

“General public, mostly young people, donate to us. Some people donate on their birthdays while some on their wedding days. We are not an organization, just a group of volunteers who care for the needy,” said Initiator of the Group, Bablu Gupta.

100s Group first surfaced to limelight in July last year when the news about the cloth banks that they set up across various districts were reported by the media. A team of like-minded student volunteers formed the Group some four years ago.