Street vendors encountered a clash with the Kathmandu Metropolitan Police while attempting to set up shop after 7 PM on Wednesday in Sundhara.

According to reports, six vendors sustained injuries, including head injuries and fractures, during the incident.

Despite previous agreements allowing vendors to operate during certain hours, it was reported that there was no follow-up on the agreement, and the violence against street vendors has intensified, as per a social media post by social activist Iih.

In the same incident, journalist Padam Prasad Pokhrel was also assaulted by Kathmandu Metropolitan City police officers.

According to a press release by the Federation of Nepalese Journalists, on Wednesday evening, metropolitan police forcefully cleared street vendors in Sundhara. Journalist Pokhrel, covering the event, was allegedly attacked by city police officers and had his mobile phone, camera, laptop, and other documents confiscated, despite presenting his identity card.