The Supreme Court (SC) has mandated the imprisonment of suspended district judge Bhuvan Giri, who stands accused of rape.

The decision, handed down by a division bench comprising Justices Hari Prasad Phunyal and Til Prasad Shrestha, effectively overturns prior rulings from the District Court Kathmandu and Patan High Court, nullifying their orders.

The SC’s verdict was underpinned by compelling evidence, notably a medical examination report indicating an ‘old tear’ in the victim’s hymen, signifying trauma related to the reproductive organ.

Crucially, the court highlighted the context of ongoing legal disputes between the victim and Giri, encompassing both rape and divorce proceedings. It deemed Giri’s presence at the victim’s residence during such a contentious period as highly irregular, further strengthening the case against him.

Previously, both the District Court Kathmandu and Patan High Court had granted Giri bail, a decision now overridden by the SC’s definitive stance. Giri’s suspension had stemmed from allegations of marital rape filed by his wife, catalyzing a comprehensive investigation by law enforcement authorities.

Meanwhile, amidst the courtroom proceedings today, Giri’s wife reportedly ingested a suspicious substance. Supreme Court co-spokesperson Govinda Ghimire confirmed her immediate transfer to Bir Hospital for urgent medical attention, although the exact nature of the substance remained undisclosed at the time of reporting.