The police raided the house of former DIG of Nepal Police, Chabilal Joshi, at Shankhamul on Wednesday evening.

The premises, which also housed the office of Nature Hub International Pvt. Ltd., yielded evidence pertaining to an ongoing investigation into financial irregularities.

According to police sources, materials related to Suryadarshan Sahakari, based in Pokhara, including software and other relevant items, were seized during the raid.

Former DIG Joshi and Founder Chairman Rai reportedlyshare a business partnership, with Joshi allegedly joining Rai’s network business following his retirement from the police force.

The study committe of Pokhara Metropolis concluded that GB Rai Group embezzled money from 18 thousand 700 savers of Pokhara.

According to the claims of the victims and the study report of the metropolis, 10 million rupees have been transferred from Suryadarshan Cooperative in the name of Rabi Lamichhane and 10 million rupees to Supreme Cooperative operating in Butwal.

According to the Struggle Committee, there was an illegal loan flow from the cooperative to Gorkha Media Network, which operates Galaxy TV, Lamichhane was the managing director of the company at that time, and the loan flowed in the name of Lamichhane, and the complaint was filed demanding reinvestigation.

The preliminary details show that the GB group, which has opened cooperatives in major cities like Pokhara, Chitwan, Birgunj, Butwal, Nepalgunj and Kathmandu, has embezzled more than 7.6 billion rupees from around 49 thousand people.