The Ministry of Health and Population has advised that large crowds and public gatherings be avoided as a precautionary measure against the spread of coronavirus.

However, Kathmandu District Administration Office has given permission to different organizers to host events and concerts during Holi festival, which falls on Monday in Kathmandu.

Issuing a press statement today, the District Administration Office also requested the public to refrain from organising any kind of gatherings, fair and festivals including Holi or participating in it as a safety measure against the coronavirus.

“The administration office has already given permission to over 15 organisers to hold concerts and events in Kathmandu,” said Deputy Superintendent Hobindra Bogati, spokesperson at the Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Range.

“The numbers of such events may increase as there are still some days remaining for Holi,” he added.

Dr Anup Bastola, chief consultant on tropical medicine at the Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, said, “Mass gatherings should be restricted at this time. Even while celebrating Holi, a face mask should be worn and it will be better if the festival is celebrated with family, as celebrating with a crowd might not be safe right now.”