As unmanaged crowded vaccination centers across the country are at the risk of tuning into new COVID hot-spots, the Dhangadi Sub-metropolitan City has started online registration of vaccine candidates.

With the objective to manage the COVID vaccination drive, volunteers have been mobilized in all 19 wards of the city to help people with online registration.

“As we know that not everyone has access to internet or the skills to get themselves registered online and keeping in mind overcrowded vaccination centers in other parts of the country, we decided to mobilize volunteers so that the vaccination drive can be well-managed and people don’t miss out on vaccines,” said Dhangadi Mayor Nripa Bahadur Wada.

As many as 40 volunteers have been mobilized – some of them will visit people at their homes while some are stationed at registration booths — to register the names of people over 18 years of age, according to Mayor Wada.

Registration booths have been set-up at the District Administration Office, District Land Revenue Office, and Seti Provincial Hospital, among other places to register names for the upcoming vaccination.

The municipality aims to register as many as 150,000 residents by mid-August.

Dhangadi Sub-metropolitan City’s Deputy Mayor Sushila Mishra Bhatta said, “People who get their names registered online will get a message on their phones about their turn to take COVID jabs. This will be useful in minimizing crowds at vaccination centres later during the vaccination period.”

The name registration campaign is being carried out by the City in cooperation and collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Population, World Health Organization and UNDP.