Since August 17, 2023, the government has increased the minimum earnings for laborers in the informal sector. Under the new ruling, casual sector workers will now receive a monthly pay of Rs 17,300.

Similarly, the monthly salary for workers in tea estates has been set at NRs 13,893.

The Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Security has officially announced these minimum wage adjustments in the Nepal Gazette, marking the formal commencement of the new monthly payment structure.

The minimum foundational salary for laborers has been set at NRs 10,820, supplemented by a dearness allowance of NRs 6,480.

Regarding tea estate workers, their minimum foundational salary is established at NRs. 8,943, along with a dearness allowance of NRs. 4,959. Previously, the minimum total salary per month was NRs. 12,081.

However, a minimum wage is not enough. A social security net is required to ensure their well-being. Many tea workers are in deep debt. As their loans grow, they are forced to work longer, suffering injuries and making their life more difficult.

A lot of them have loans ranging from NRs. 40,000 to NRs. 200,000 from microfinance companies to repair their houses and for other purposes.