A decision of the Council of Ministers on 24 January, 2018 had assigned the duty to inspect violation of the provisions of Tobacco Product (Control and Regulatory) Act-2011 to assistant chief district officers and chief administrative officers of local levels.

Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration have now ordered all the local levels to strictly enforce the provisions of this law with regard to smoking in public places and advertisement of tobacco products in any form.

The designated chief district officer has all the authority to hear and decide the cases filed by inspectors under the act.

According to an authority at Planning and Monitoring Section of the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, notice have been issued to the local levels to carry out the responsibilities assigned to the chief administrative officers in coordination with the concerned assistant CDOs.

Regardless of lawful arrangements, the ban on smoking in public places and advertisement of tobacco products in the form of wall painting and posters remains ineffective.

The experts, in association with the police, had begun getting serious about those smoking in open places in Kathmandu valley and other districts initially, but the energy flamed out after a period.

The law requires the authorities to put a visible or readable notice in various places indicating that smoking and tobacco consumption are strictly prohibited in those areas. According to the law, any person or firm breaking the law shall be liable to a fine ranging between Rs 100 and Rs 100,000, depending on the nature of violation.

The anti-tobacco law has classified government offices, corporations, educational institutions, parks, libraries, airports, public vehicles, orphanages, childcare centres, cinema halls, homes for the elderly, cultural centres, children’s gardens, hotels, restaurants, resorts, girls’ and boys’ hostels, department stores, religious sites and industries as public places, where smoking is not allowed.