The Department of Immigration (DoI) has increased surveillance on Nepali people heading abroad, especially to the Gulf countries, on visitor visas or tourist visas.

Jhalakram Adhikari, Director-General of the DoI, has issued a notice to all immigration offices to be on full vigilance while checking people who are traveling to places with a high risk of human trafficking or worker exploitation with the use of the visit visa.

Similarly, the department has ordered for verification of the necessary documents of the person visiting such countries and establish their purpose of visit.

In particular, the offices have been instructed to monitor the passengers going to Gulf countries, Turkey, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia on visit visas.

Anti-Human Trafficking Bureau, in April, had stopped more than 600 Nepali men and women aspiring to work in foreign countries on visit visas who were suspected of being victims of human trafficking.

Nepalis sent to the Gulf on visit visas are compelled to hide and work for low wages because they are not legally allowed to work in the country.