The High Court of Pokhara has issued a mandamus order directing the demolition of all illegally constructed structures around the lake.

The verdict, delivered by the joint bench of officiating Principal Justice Rajan Bhattrai and Judge Umesh Koirala on Sunday, mandates the creation of a comprehensive work plan to remove these structures by July.

The court’s directive comes in response to a writ filed by Advocate Manoj Gharti Magar on May 31, 2023, seeking a writ of certiorari to address the encroachment of Fewa Lake’s wetland area. Following a preliminary hearing on the same day, the court issued an interim order.

The High Court has specifically instructed the concerned authorities to implement the demolition work plan starting from July 16. This plan includes not only the removal of structures built without proper authorization but also those that fail to meet the criteria set forth by the governing bodies.

Advocate Gharti Magar’s petition named the Gandaki Provincial government and other relevant authorities as defendants, highlighting their failure to prevent the illegal occupation and construction around the lake.