According to the Dairy Development Corporation (DDC), it has been facing issues in compensating farmers due to an apparent surplus of powdered milk and butter stock.

According to Rajendra Prasad Adhikari, Deputy General Manager of DDC and Information Officer, the corporation procures 140,000 liters of milk daily from farmers across various districts. However, only 90,000 liters find buyers in the market.

Adhikari stated, “We purchase 4.2 million liters of milk from farmers monthly, but only around 2.7 million liters are sold, leading to a surplus of approximately 1.5 million liters in powdered milk production every month.”

The issue has been compounded by the storage of excess butter and powdered milk, equivalent to approximately 50,000 liters of milk daily. With the onset of summer, the DDC had anticipated a surge in yogurt sales,

Presently, the DDC has a stockpile of 900,000 kilograms of powdered milk and 700,000 kilograms of butter, valued at NPR 1.25 billion.


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