Among 10,171,273 valid votes under the proportional representation (PR) of the November 20 elections, CPN-UML is leading the vote count with 2,720,639 votes.

According to the details of the Election Commission, recorded till 6:00 pm Wednesday, Nepali Congress has obtained 2,585,090 votes, right behind CPN-UML. CPN (Maoist Centre) has received 1,153,443 votes while Rastriya Swatantra Party has garnered 1,104,245 votes.

As the vote counting is nearing completion, both Nepali Congress and CPN-UML are trying to form the next government.

Even though the ruling alliance, led by Nepali Congress, is more likely to get 138 seats in the 275-member House of Representatives, CPN-UML is also making its attempt to weld together a coalition of smaller party.

Among 161 parliamentary first-past-the-post constituencies, NC has won 54 FPTP seats and UML 44. The NC is projected to win 32 seats under the proportionate representation system and the UML 34.