In a recent program organized by the Water and Energy Commission Secretariat, stakeholders addressed pressing issues related to the Chure region conservation and disaster recovery in the Kamala River Basin.

Nathu Prasad Chaudhary, the Vice Chairman of Madhesh Province’s Policy and Planning Commission, sounded the alarm over the destabilization of the Chure region’s ecosystem. He emphasized the direct impact on Madhesh, highlighting reduced water levels, flooding and inundation. Chaudhary also warned of potential desertification in Madhesh within 10-15 years if uncontrolled exploitation of the Chure region and Mahabharat persists.

People’s representatives from Kamala River’s catchment areas pointed to the unmanaged excavation of the Chure region as a key reason for natural disasters in Madhesh. This unregulated activity has become a cause for concern, with residents being burdened with the consequences.

Sushil Chandra Tiwari, Secretary at the Water and Energy Commission Secretariat, stated that the government is actively working on sustainable water resource management in river basins through a comprehensive strategy, however, Ashok Kumar Sah, Secretary at the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development of Madhesh Province, stated that there is a lack of coordination among different agencies and projects in the Kamala River basin.

Kavitha Kasynathan, Head of Development Cooperation at the Embassy of Australia in Kathmandu, expressed Australia’s readiness to cooperate in the primary areas of Kamala River Basin Water Resource Management and Development Strategy.