The Cyber Bureau of Nepal Police has filed a case of cybercrime against Binaya Jung Basnet, who was arrested on the charge of threatening Sapana Roka Magar of leaking her private pictures on the internet.

Legal action has been initiated against Binaya under the Electronic Transaction Act after police found that he had private pictures of Sapana on his phone.

According to an investigation officer at the Teku-based police office, some private pictures of Sapana were found on Binaya’s mobile phone. An investigation is underway to find how he got hold of those images.

Police has also sent Binaya’s mobile phone to the digital forensic lab at the police headquarters, Naxal for further investigation.

Kathmandu Police Chief Ashok Singh said, “We have secured five days’ remand extension against Baniya and we’ll pursue action against him with cybercrime-related offenses on Thursday.”

Earlier, he was investigated for indecent behavior.

Sapna Roka Magar, who is included in the BBC’s list of the 100 most influential women of 2020, had lodged a complaint against Basnet at the Kathmandu Police Station. On the basis of the same complaint, police had arrested him from Gongabu in Kathmandu on February 16.

Basnet had given interview on some YouTube channels and threatened, “I have Sapana’s nude pictures in my mobile phone, I can make them public.”

Basnet and Sapna used to identify their relation as father and daughter on several interviews. They both were involved in a team who cremated bodies of people who had no family and died of COVID-19 in Kathmandu.