The Multi-System Operators (MSO) on Thursday decided to stop broadcasting of some Indian news channels for disseminating false news that could stain Nepal’s sovereignty.

According to MSO’s latest decision, viewers will not have access to any Indian news channels, except for the Indian state owned Doordarshan channel. While some cable operators implemented the ban immediately, others have yet to follow suit.

After some Indian media started broadcasting baseless, fictitious, and misleading news about Nepal and Nepali leaders, the Nepali viewers had requested international media distributors like MSO to discontinue broadcasting of Indian news channels in Nepal.

Dish Home, Mega Max, DSN, Mero TV, among others, have decided to stop broadcasting of Indian news channels like Aaj Tak, Zee News and ABP News.

Dhruv Sharma, vice-president of Mega Max TV, said, “After the baseless anti-Nepal gossip broadcast by Indian news channels crossed the line, we (the distributors) have halted airing Indian news channels that broadcast such objectionable news.”

“However, unless the government adopts a policy to block such contents from the internet, we can’t stop such news from spreading all on our own.”

MSO also suggested that the government should exert special efforts in banning all contents which go against Nepali sentiments from internet platforms such as YouTube.