District Police Office Baitadi has said that the Armed Police Force (APF) constable, who was arrested on the charge of murdering 20-year-old Maya Luhar of Baitadi, has given his confession.

22-year-old Bharatram Koli was arrested from a bus park in Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur on Sunday morning.

According to the preliminary investigation of the police, the perpetrator had suspicion that the deceased Maya was in a relationship with someone else besides himself so they had dispute between them after which Koli murdered Maya.

Bharatram Koli and Maya Luhar had known each other via Facebook and met for the first time just on 27 November, 2022 when Koli came home on holiday.

Bharat has given statement that he doubted Maya because another guy called her during their first meet but she didn’t pick up her phone. Koli confronted Maya but she refused to answer who was calling her so he snatched her phone and kept it with him.

After two days, Koli asked Maya to meet him in a forest area to take her phone back where the situation got heated and Koli killed her.

Baitadi Police Office Chief DSP Prem Bahadur Shahi said that Koli had given a statement that he also stabbed 15-year-old Neha Luhar, who was with Maya, fearing she would tell others about the murder.

Following the complaint filed by Maya’s brother Tikuram Luhar, the police arrested Koli and are currently investigating the murder case.

22-year-old Koli worked as an Armed Police Force constable at the Riot Training Management Academy in Pokhara.