Kathmandu District Court Judge Yagya Prasad Acharya has ordered the release of three individuals, including Arun Kumar Chaudhary in the Bansbari land embezzlement case.

The court deemed it unnecessary to detain them for further investigation, directing the police to conclude the remaining investigative works.

Among those released are Ajit Narayan Singh Thapa, the Executive Chairman of Bansbari Shoe Factory Limited, and Sanjay Thakur, the Managing Director of CG Chandbagh Residence.

Section 15 of the National Criminal Procedure (Code) Act grants investigating officers the authority to release individuals on bail or remand with the consent of the Attorney General if continued detention is deemed unnecessary.

A senior official of the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police has affirmed that further investigations into the Bansbari land embezzlement case are ongoing.