Minister of State for Health and Population Umesh Shrestha said procurement of COVID-19 vaccines for people below 18 years of age would be started right after the Dashain festival ended.

Addressing a program at Kanti Child Hospital here on Sunday, the state minister said 10 million doses of vaccines for people below 18 years were certain to arrive soon.

He said arrangements were being made to procure four million doses of Moderna and six million doses of Pfizer vaccines. He added that 100,000 doses of vaccines would arrive immediately after the Dashain festival.

According to him, vaccination is the top priority of the government and COVID-19 vaccines are on the top of all the vaccines at present.

He apprised that the government was preparing to come up with a management improvement policy targeting health facilities at all three levels of governance.

On the occasion, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation donated health supplies, including 20 ventilators to the hospital.

The foundation’s Nepal representative Mahesh Nakarmi said the foundation had been assisting the government with medical supplies from the time of the first wave of the pandemic and the current assistance was meant for combating a possible third wave. It is said that the assistance provided to the hospital is equivalent to Rs 414.84 million.

According to the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), 7,716,985 (35.5 per cent) people have taken their first dose of vaccine and 6,352,322 (29.2 per cent) people have been fully vaccinated so far.

As per MoHP, 26,419 doses of vaccines were administered in the last 24 hours.

Similarly, all target groups in Rukum East, Manang and Mustang districts have already been fully vaccinated, according to MoHP.

The government plans to vaccinate 33 per cent of the target population by mid-October.

(With excerpts from RSS)