Preparations are on full swing to publish the results of Grade XII examination within the next 10 days.

Speaking at a program organized by Education Journalist Network Nepal on Thursday, Chairman of the National Examination Board (NEB) Prof. Dr. Chandramani Poudel said that preparations were being made to make the results public within the next 10 days.

He informed that the process of data entry, including students’ grades, had been completed and verification of the grades is currently underway. “So far, 40 percent of the verification work has been completed,” said Poudel.

NEB has stated that the publication of results was delayed due to failure of some schools in maintaining “marks files” and in keeping the answer sheets in order. Some schools had also mismatched answer sheets of various subjects while sending them for grading.

This year, the written broad exam for Grade XII students accounted for 40 percent of the total marks.

“Although officials stationed at the exam centers were provided an orientation on how to send NEB the grades, officials didn’t quiet follow the training. It would have been easier if files were downloadable and schools could just enter the grades on the files and send it electronically to NEB,” Poudel said.

He added that NEB had initially planned to make the results public by mid-December but was delayed due to such technical setbacks.

This year’s Grade XII exam was conducted in 4,105 examination centers across the country, while candidates were allowed to take the test at centers of their convenience. As many as 433,200 candidates sat for the exam.

Meanwhile, Poudel informed that the Ministry of Education had sent a proposal to continue the current academic session till May-June as the classes of Grades XI and XII had started late due to COVID-19. The proposal has been taken to the Council of Ministers for approval.