The Ministry of Health and Population has asked people outside of the Kathmandu Valley, who had earlier received first dose of the Vero Cell vaccine in the Valley, to contact their local level health coordinators for their second dose.

Hundreds of thousands of people had left Kathmandu ahead of the week-long prohibitory orders imposed in the Valley on April 29.

The prohibitory orders were later extended by one more week and then by 15 days, which is set to expire on May 27.

People who left the Valley for their hometowns have been deprived of their second dose of the Vero Cell vaccines as the jabs are currently being distributed only in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur.

Keeping in mind people’s concerns that outgoing vaccine recipients will be deprived of their second dose, the Ministry of Health and Population issued a notice on Wednesday evening urging vaccine candidates to give their details to respective district health offices.

“As traveling is a sensitive task amid the prohibitory orders issued to curb the spread of COVID-19, people are requested to stay wherever they are. Once the data collection regarding number of people awaiting their second dose of the Vero Cell vaccine in various provinces is completed, the Ministry will send the required dose to local levels and unveil the dates as well as vaccination centers,” the notice reads.

The Health Ministry has also requested district administration offices to not provide travel pass to people who want to travel to Kathmandu in order to get their second dose.