The National Examination Board (NEB) has issued SEE Student Assessment, Result Publication and Verification Procedure, 2078 with the provision that requires teachers to disclose the reasons for providing more than 80 percent marks in any subject.

Earlier last year, when schools released SEE results through internal evaluation, many teachers were found to have provided exaggerated marks. Keepibg that in mind, this time the grading procedure will be implemented with some strict provisions, as per officials.

According to Chairman of NEB, Chandra Mani Poudel, subject teachers must give concrete reason in case they provide students with 80 or more marks in any subject.

“We have made some arrangements to make the results as objective as possible. We have also expanded the SEE evaluation committee to five members from three members last year,” he said.

Similarly, District Education Committee (DEC) has authority to send back the marks sent by schools if the grades seem irreasonable.

NEB officials said that such provisions had been introduced to stop the trend among schools of giving arbitrary marks like last year.

It is mentioned in the working procedure that if the marks sent by the school seem exaggerated, DEC can also demand documents with evidence including Grade-VIII examination results.

A five-member committee will be formed under the coordination of the school principal to check the marks.

The committee will have members including teachers of English, Mathematics and Science subjects. They will verify the marks and submit it to DEC.

DEC will then send the marks obtained from the schools along with the verification and certification to NEB for publication.

Durga Prasad Aryal, member secretary of NEB, said, “Final marks should be given on the basis of the marks obtained by students during terminal and final examinations of class 10 as well as constructive assessment done by subject teachers in the classrooms.”

“55 percent marks will be given on the basis of the examinations conducted by the school earlier for subject with practical exams. Provision has been made to provide 8, 12, 15 and 20 percent marks on the basis of first, second, third unit tests and final examinations, respectively.”

In the case of subjects, including mathematics, which don’t have practical examinations, 75 percent marks will be given on the basis of the examination taken by the school and the subject teacher will be able to give 25 percent marks after evaluation.

NEB has also issued a circular to schools across the country to send the marks obtained by students from internal assessment to DEC within July 4.

Around 517,000 students are waiting for their SEE results this year.