Since there are reports of the Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML trying to promote participation of government officials, including teachers and government employees, in their upcoming general conventions, the Election Commission has issued a press release warning parties against giving political membership to teachers, professors, or government employees.

Election Commission has cited Section 14 (2) of the Political Party Act, which says a party cannot grant membership to incumbent professors, teachers, or government employees.

The commission has stated that multiple laws prohibit incumbent professors, teachers, and government staff from becoming members of a political party and urged parties to respect the legal provision and carry out their activities in accordance with the prevailing laws.

Political parties are warned that the election commission would not update their records if membership were issued to professors, teachers, or government employees, violating the legal provisions.

Election Commission also directed its provincial and district offices to remove names of professors, teachers, and government employees from the parties’ office bearers’ lists.

According to recent media reports, both the Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML are allowing teachers and professors to become representatives for their upcoming general conventions.

Election Commission spokesperson Shaligram Sharma Paudel said the commission would remove professors, teachers, and government employees from lists of office bearers of political parties if they were found to be elected or nominated by their respective parties.

Meanwhile, CPN-UML central committee member Surya Thapa said his party had issued membership to teachers but had not allowed them to become general convention representatives. He said his party would abide by legal provisions, but if the EC issued the press release to serve vested interests of others his party would not accept the EC decision.