Additional 39 Nepali migrant workers in Afghanistan have come in contact with the Government of Nepal, while as many as 317 Nepalis have updated their whereabouts on the Department of Consular Services’ (DoCS) web portal.

With this, 356 Nepalis have registered their whereabouts in the government portals or informed the government via telephone or social media.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) issued a statement to say that the government was coordinating and facilitating the return of Nepali nationals who were rescued from Kabul and reached Doha, Dubai, London and New Delhi.

The Task Force formed to facilitate the rescue of Nepali nationals from Afghanistan also said that it was coordinating and collaborating with the friendly nations that are conducting rescue flights to and from Kabul to bring back Nepali migrants.

As of yet, a total of 504 Nepalis have been rescued from the war-torn Afghanistan so far following the takeover of the country by the Taliban rebels.

The returnees are tested for COVID-19 and are housed at the holding center arranged by the government at Samakhushi of Kathmandu Metropolis. Those failing to enlist themselves in the rescue list are being contacted by MoFA, DoCS and Nepali Embassy in New Delhi, India.

Nepalis in Afghanistan can register themselves or ask their families to make an entry of their whereabouts at .

Similarly, Nepalis can contact DoCS at +977-9749326458, MoFA at +9779749326459 and Embassy of Nepal in India at +918929601925 on cell phone, Viber and WhatsApp.